Water is water, right? While at first glance all bottled water seem pretty much the same, the quality and taste of water varies widely among different types of water. At OLEKSA Water Store, we have built our reputation on the superior purity of our water. In terms of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), a broad measure of purity, OLEKSA Water is second to none. See how our Purified Water measure up.

Filtered Water: [Average TDS = 150 to 350 ppm (Parts Per Million)] Water from some, but not all, impurities have been removed. Chlorine and sediment is usually removed; most metals and chemicals remain. Not the same as purified water. Purity is comparable to spring water.

Mineral Water: [Average TDS = 250 to 3000 ppm] Water from an underground source with a higher impurity level than spring water, and known for strong taste and often a metallic after-taste. Has surprisingly low levels of beneficial minerals, and frequently carbonated.

Spring Water: [Average TDS = 50 to 450 ppm] Water from an underground source, sometimes pumped to the surface. Bacteria usually eliminated by chlorinating, but other contaminants remain. Purity varies, but is always less than purified water. Taste varies.

PURIFIED WATER: [Average TDS = 4 ppm or less] Water from which all types of impurities have been removed or significantly reduced. Has far higher purity than other types of water, and known for a clean, fresh taste and no after-taste. We only serve Purified Water.